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Tuesday 15 October 2019

Rock Around The Campfire

Today we revisit the short-lived early 1960s craze for combining the folk songs of old America with the popular dance styles of the day (and in the case of Sam Cooke and Little Eva, with their recent big hits). You can understand why they thought this was a surefire hit formula. What could possibly go wrong?

Jan & Dean provide the answer to that. I don't know what led some genius to pitch the idea "Do you know what would complement the tragic tale of a man who loses his sweetheart in a drowning accident? Some yakety sax!", but someone probably should have said no.

"Camptown Twist" - Sam Cooke

"Old Smokey Locomotion" - Little Eva

"Clementine" - Jan & Dean

All of which was done purely to have an excuse to show you this...

1 comment:

  1. That video is a work of musical genius. Thank you - cheered me up no end!