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Saturday 26 October 2019

Tabasco Time

Some top pop from Mexico courtesy of Chico Che. Chico hailed from Villahermosa (Happy Town in English) in the great state of Tabasco, home of the sauce.

He sadly died in 1989 at the tender age of 43, but not before leaving us some great tunes that made the residents of Happy Town even happier. These two are from his 1977 album "Le Pejelagarto", named for a fish commonly found down Tabasco way.

"Cuando Me Vaya De Tu Lado" - Chico Che

"Las Mujeres del Itsmo" - Chico Che

Credit to the good folks of Mexico for recognising Chico was a cool dude despite looking and dressing like a children's television presenter of the era.


  1. He's nicked Keith Chegwin's dungarees

    1. I think it was Geoffrey from Rainbow who had the red dungarees, but physically Chico is definitely Cheggers with dyed black hair and a Bob Carolgees moustache