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Thursday 27 February 2020

Inside Laine

You know me as a taste-making, trend-spotting, genre-hopping surfer of the zeitgeist - and I would modestly suggest that I am all of those things and more. 😇, as I believe they say (or possibly 😉).

But sometimes, after a long hard day, I find I'm not in the mood for Tsonga disco or Bulgarian prog or psychedelic cumbia or such like. For comfort listening, I need some classic cowboy crooning, which means either Marty Robbins or Frankie Laine.

Last night it was Frankie's turn. Here are a couple of tracks from a CD called "Country Laine" which is a reissue of two 1961 albums, "Deuces Wild" and "Hell Bent For Leather!".

"Moonlight Gambler" - Frankie Laine

"The 3.10 To Yuma" - Frankie Laine

For an extra treat, here are a couple of fine cover versions of two of Frankie's biggest hits.


  1. Let's face it Ernie you are just a polymath

  2. Thanks for that Bob Blackman clip. Cheered me up no end on a freezing February day.

    Is the "3.10 To Yuma" song from the film of that name (too lazy to Google)?

    1. It is. I'm not sure the lyrics have anything much to do with the plot though.

  3. That's an interesting way to make a living that Bob Blackman had.