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Monday 10 February 2020

No Haiti Haters Here

If the combination of weather, politics and Monday morning has you feeling down, we have the perfect pick-me-up. Lakou Mizik describe themselves as "a powerhouse collective of Haitian roots music with a soulful energy an a mix of styles", and that is certainly true of their debut album "Wa Di You', which came out in 2016.

As "Poze" demonstrates, one of those styles is something remarkably close to Cajun music. So it maybe isn't a huge surprise that their new album "HaitiaNola" features many well-known New Orleans musicians as guests. I've not heard it yet but I'm definitely going to check it out.

"Poze" - Lakou Mizik

"Anba Siklon" - Lakou Mizik 

For the video I had a look for "Haitian Divorce" by Steely Dan, but all I found were versions by an alarmingly large number of tribute bands. You deserve better than that, so here is some more from the lads and lasses of Lakou Mizik.

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