Monday, 3 February 2020

Super Sotho Sounds

Steve Kekana was a big star in South Africa back in the 1980s, and is still going strong today. He was also a one-hit wonder in Europe thanks to "Raising My Family", which got as high as number three in Sweden and Austria and was a top 10 hit in Switzerland in 1983.

Steve hails from the exotically named town of Zebediela in Limpopo Province, where the majority of the population are either Northern Sotho or Tsonga. Steve is a Sotho, and throughout his career he has released records in that language as well as English. Today's tracks come from a compilation of his biggest Sotho hits from back in the day.

"Dinyatsi" - Steve Kekana

"O Apara Sutu" - Steve Kekana

Steve has been blind since early childhood, just like this other Steve.


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    1. I am! And I'm hatching a master blasting masterplan based on an idea inspired by (a.k.a. nicked from) you are your dodgy Portuguese mate. All will be revealed soon.