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Friday 8 May 2020

Lost Sounds of Luanda 1

A major milestone was reached in the Goggins household yesterday. I finally got to the end of the backlog of CDs that I had acquired over the last couple of years but never had time to listen to. My next job is to start digitising random bits of vinyl. You can look forward to some real tat when that gets going.

Right at the bottom of the pile of CDs was something I picked up in Aveiro in Portugal the best part of two years ago. it is a 4 CD set of Angolan music of the 1960s called "Angola Saudade 60-70". I really should have put it on the top of the pile because there is some weird and wonderful stuff on there

Here's the first selection. There will be another one along in a few days.

"Ritmo Da Ilha" - Africa Show

"Sheike Adeus Azevedo" - Noombe Jazz

"Zeca Camarão" -  Mario Rui Silva & Ana Paula

And here are some more modern Angolan sounds. I would have to say that if anyone here today kicks ass it's Noombe Jazz not the Don, but he's pleasant enough.


  1. " I picked up in Aviero in Portugal"
    possibly the same shop I drunkenly spent €50 in 18 months ago

    1. Possibly. From memory it was in that bit of the old town with all the restaurants, close to the roundabout that crosses the canal. They had lots of Portuguese stuff.

    2. We spent three days there, and I only found one record store, in the old part of teh city. It must be the same one