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Tuesday 12 May 2020

Lost Sounds of Luanda 2

Today we bring you Part 2 of our two part series on the 1960s Angolan music scene. All tracks come from the excellent "Angola Saudade 60-70" box set.

"Nadia M'Gongo Ge" - Nito Nunes

"Nizambi" - Teta Lando

"Lata D'Agua" - Mamukueno

José Adelino Barceló de Carvalho (better known simply as Bonga) is considered one of the all time greats of Angolan music. His career started in the early 1970s in Portugal, where he had originally moved to pursue an athletics career. He's still going strong at 77.


  1. Teta Lando is almost psychedelic, not what I'd expect from a country at war for the entire 1960s, fighting the oppressor.

    1. Maybe there's a connection? The Tropicalia movement in Brazil around the same time was partly a response to the policies of the military government, and there was a big psychedelic scene in Peru which also had a military government. Somebody should do a thesis on it.