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Thursday 28 May 2020

Old Friends, New Sounds

Afternoon All. We have a quick update for you on what two friends of the blog have been up to recently. 

First up is Asthmatic Harp. Not only has she featured here in her own right, but also very graciously acted as guest curator for the Danish leg of our EU farewell tour. She has an excellent new single called "To The Boats" coming out next week (Wednesday 3 June to be precise).

I don't know whether it is the strange times we are living in, but the sentiments and the mood of the song really struck a chord with me when I first listened to it. Details of how to buy the single will appear on Ms Harp's website in due course. Until then, here is the video.

Our other returning friend is Lesley Barth. We featured the first single off her fantastic new album "Big Time Baby" at the beginning of April. The album is now out and it would be utterly foolish of you not to head over to her website and buy it immediately. I have been listening to it a lot since I got hold of a preview copy, and enjoying it more and more with every listen.

The latest single from the album is "You Gotta Hand It To The Man", which turns out to be more topical than Lesley probably imagined when she wrote it. She's made a lockdown video with a message to go with the single. It's a message I'm sure we can all agree with. Over to you, Lesley.

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