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Wednesday 5 May 2021

Change The A To An I

On Monday we featured a Candy, today we feature a Cindy. Cindy Lee Berryhill, to be precise. Here are a couple of tracks from her excellent 1996 album "Straight Outta Marysville".

"High Jump" - Cindy Lee Berryhill

"Elvis Of Marysville" - Cindy Lee Berryhill

Contrary to her claim in the album title, Cindy does not come straight outta any one of the 12 Marysvilles in the US (or the four in Canada or the one in Australia), having been born in Silver Lake in California. But someone who did was the legendary Moondog, born 105 years ago this month in Marysville, Kansas.


  1. Moondog - there's a blast from my past. First heard him on the CBS sampler "Fill Your Head with Rock" way back in 1970.

    1. That takes me back. Was that the one with the crazed fiddler on the cover?

    2. Indeed it was. I think he was with a band called The Flock - jazz/rock combo.