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Friday 21 May 2021

Hanging Around

Among the goodies I found in the bargain bins on a recent trip to my local second-hand record shop was "Cover Your Tracks", a 2019 EP by Corb Lund. Being a clever bunch, you may be able to deduce from the title that it is a covers record.

The undoubted highlight is this fine rendition of Marty Robbins' "They're Hanging Me Tonight". The original version was Side 1, Track 5 on Marty's classic "Gunfighter Ballads and Trail Songs" album. What better to pair it with than Side 1, Track 6.

"They're Hanging Me Tonight" - Corb Lund

"The Strawberry Roan" - Marty Robbins

To complete the sequence, let's flip the record over for Side 2, Track 1.


  1. I've the occasional Corb Lund song here and there but never seen anything on my charity shop travels

    1. Not for the lack of looking I'm sure. You seem to be sweeping your way through the charity shops of Scotland like a plague of locusts at the moment. Nice polite locusts, obviously.