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Friday 14 May 2021

Friday Fry Up

A new release for you today or, to be more accurate, a new re-release. With some alleged mystery star guests.

Mark Fry's "Dreaming With Alice" LP came out in 1972 and is considered by connoisseurs like the good people at the 'Head Heritage' site to be a bit of a lost classic - their review is almost as entertaining as the album itself. It is being reissued today on vinyl and CD by Now Again Reserve Records and I would recommend you check it out.

A personal favourite track is "The Witch". which some clever person has matched up with the witch from The Pogles (who also gets a mention in the Head Heritage review). Warning: this is probably the least mellow track on the album, so if unhinged freaking out is your thing then Mark Fry may not be for you.

Here are a couple more witch-related tunes of a roughly similar style and vintage to keep you in the mood.

"Witches Hat" - The Incredible String Band

"Witches Promise" - Jethro Tull

And now to unveil the alleged mystery star guests. If you read the Head Heritage review you may recall the reference to the backing band being a group of Scottish musicians whose names "have been long forgotten thanks to the quantity of weed which was their other main contribution to the recording".  

Well, Now Again Reserve Records make the sensational claim that these mystery musicians were... Middle of the Road! 

I have no idea whether that can possibly be true. But I really want it to be.


  1. Is that Sally Carr fluting on the Mark Fry track?

    1. Was she known as a flautist? If so, maybe. The label doesn't give any evidence to support its claim that Middle of the Road are on the album, although it is true they were based in Italy in 1971 when it was recorded. Who knows?

  2. I have no idea whether any of this tall story is true but I'd go along with anything if it meant getting the chance to see Sally Carr again.

    1. Ask her husband, scottish journalist Chic Young if you could meet his wife