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Monday 9 August 2021

A-Rutling We Will Go

Tomorrow morning I'm off to Stamford in Lincolnshire for a short break. While I'm there I plan to travel one stop down the train line to Oakham, the main town in the tiny county of Rutland. 

Rutland actually stopped being a county in 1974 - blame the conniving bastards at the Local Government Commission for England - but after 20 years of civil disobedience was subsequently reinstated in 1997.  

To show my solidarity with the plucky Rutlanders, here is a selection of music from 1974 to tide you over until I return. I thought about adding some songs from 1997, but why dilute the quality with all that modern rubbish?

And what of Stamford itself? Well, according to Wikipedia its famous citizens include Nicola Roberts of Girls Aloud and David Jackson, the saxophonist in the 'classic' line-up of Van Der Graaf Generator. So that's the videos taken care of. 

"Enario" - Ofo The Black Company

"Shoo-B-Doop And Cop Him" - Betty Davis

"The Drum" - Slapp Happy

"Sen Varsin" - Bülent Ortacgil 

"Blackbelt Jones" - B. Ragga

"Drinkin' Thing" - Gary Stewart

"Down Where The Drunkards Roll" - Richard & Linda Thompson

"Saturday Gigs" - Mott The Hoople

From something for everyone to some things that may be for nobody at all.  Even George might struggle to finish all 24 minutes of "A Plague of Lighthouse Keepers" (let alone all 3 minutes of "Beat Of My Drum").


If you need cheering up after that, here's a positive message for you all. Take care, see you next week.


  1. Enjoy your break Ernie
    Particularly like the last three songs you have put up

  2. "George might struggle"
    Challenge accepted! It might distract me from the noise of our goat on heat

  3. That VDGG clip is amazing. Have fun in Lincolnshire Ernie.