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Tuesday 31 August 2021

Emergency Appeal

We interrupt our regular programming to launch an urgent appeal for your help. Over the weekend the world learnt that the much revered polymath Charity Chic has never heard anything by Robert Earl Keen. Your donations are desperately needed are rectify this truly appalling situation.

FurryBootsCityBoy has already got the ball rolling, and here is my small contribution to the cause. The first two tracks are from my favourite of Robert's albums, 1994's "Gringo Honeymoon", and the third from 2005's "What I Really Mean". 

The first video featuring Joe Ely's excellent take on what may be The Bobster's best known song, then there's a couple from the man himself a handful of years apart.

"Gringo Honeymoon" - Robert Earl Keen

"Dreadful Selfish Crime" - Robert Earl Keen

"Broken End Of Love" - Robert Earl Keen


  1. Thanks for generously helping a man in need.
    I am familiar with The Road Goes on Forever but nothing else

    1. My pleasure. We're currently making up parcels containing all the items purchased in "Merry Christmas From The Family", so let us know the location of your nearest makeshift airstrip and Marlboro Lights, bean dip and a can of fake snow will be with you imminently

  2. " much revered polymath Charity Chic "
    There are TWO people going by the name Charity Chic, that bloke in Glasgow and the polymath!