Wednesday, 25 August 2021

Here's Joni!

As promised on Monday, we have some more Joni Haastrup magic for you. Today we are featuring his 1978 solo album "Wake Up Your Mind", available for the knockdown price of $5 on Bandcamp

In keeping with the times, it has much more of a funk and disco feel than his earlier work with MonoMono (including some excellent Silver Convention style backing vocals on "Do The Funkro"). 

"Do The Funkro" - Joni Haastrup

"Greetings" - Joni Haastrup

Of course, Joni was by no means the only artist jumping on the disco bandwagon in those days.  

In what can only be described in an abrupt change of tone, let's take this opportunity to pay tribute to a member of another famous singing siblings act who sadly left us a few days ago. RIP Don Everly.


  1. Am I the only one who watches these vidoes all the way through?

    1. Probably, although I did watch all of this Osmonds video. Say what you like about them, they knew how to put on a show.