Tuesday, 7 September 2021

Diamond Geezer

Most of you will know Kimberley Rew as the guitarist and songwriter with Katrina & The Waves and the man responsible for "Walking On Sunshine", "Going Down To Liverpool" and other top tunes. Being a hip crowd, many of you will also know that before that he was the guitarist in The Soft Boys. 

You may well also know about his 1982 solo album "The Bible Of Bop", on which he is backed by various members of The Soft Boys and The dB's. I wasn't aware of it until earlier this year, but then I'm not as cool as you lot. Here's a couple of tracks.

I'm reasonably sure that most of you won't know that way back in 1973 Mr Rew was in a Cambridge band called Puzzle which featured on a local compilation LP called "The First Lame Bunny Album". I suspect that this fact may be known only to the members of the band and those of us who were subsequently taught French by the drummer, who mentioned it at every possible opportunity.

We round things off with a tribute from his fan club.

"Hey, War Pig!" - Kimberley Rew

"Walking In The Dew" - Kimberley Rew

"Consuelo" - Puzzle

"Kimberley Rew" - Karate Bikini

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