Thursday, 9 September 2021

King George

I was looking through my records, as you do, and discovered that, to my great shame, we have never featured the great George Jackson on here. We're putting that right today.

George, who sadly left us in 2013, had great success as a songwriter but was also a fantastic singer in his own right. He released more than 20 singles between the mid 1960s and the early 1980s on labels including Fame, Hi and Chess, with an inexplicable lack of success.

I would heartily recommend the Kent compilation "George Jackson in Memphis 1972-77" - 21 tracks and not a duffer among them  The first two tracks come from that compilation, the third was a 1969 single on Fame.

"How Can I Get Next To You? " - George Jackson

"Things Are Getting Better" - George Jackson

"My Desires Are Getting The Better Of Me" - George Jackson

And now, three of George's hits as a writer, the first of which goes out especially from one George to another.   

I know the Osmonds video starts late and finishes early but the only full length videos I found were set up so to only play on YouTube. Here's one of them:  


  1. Like a bit of George Jackson.
    He was great on Brookside!


    2. I have that compilation as well, possibly at your instigation.

      Happy to free George Jackson but not George Davis

  2. Christmas comes early, two Osmonds videos!

    1. Make the most of them, that may be the last ones for a while. Trying to find suitable Osmonds videos to shoehorn into posts is proving far too time-consuming.