Monday, 13 September 2021


I've recently acquired assorted Hong Kong pop tunes from the 1970s and 1980s - its a long, uninteresting story. Here is but a small selection from the mid 1970s.

Paula Tsui took the understandable commercial decision to capitalise on the popularity of kung fu at the time. You could not really call it gritty and earthy but it makes poor Ervinna sound very dated by comparison, even for 1974. Cheng Kam Cheong, meanwhile, was very much creating a scene of his own.

"Gong Fu Wu" - Paula Tsui

"Huan Le Ge Xing Chu Chu Wen" - Ervinna

"Sheng Huo De Xuan Luu" -  Cheng Kam Cheong

Ervinna is an Indonesian singer who was a big star across Asia in the 1970s, mainly through performing covers of Western pop hits of the time. And non hits too. "Huan Le Ge Xing Chu Chu Wen" is a Cantonese version of "Shiddle De Dee", which Clint Holmes took all the way to No. 106 in the Billboard charts in 1973. 

Clint is best known for "Playground In My Mind". I couldn't find a clip of that so I looked for Roberto Blanco's German version instead. I couldn't find that either but there were plenty of other clips of Roberto, who may perhaps be considered the German Ervinna. Here's one of them.


  1. Today (15th) I have been listening to more songs by Cheng Kam Cheong. Truly truly terrible.

    1. Yes, I think it is fair to say that "Sheng Huo De Xuan Luu" is not representative of his work in general