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Monday 1 November 2021

Tees Made

Some typically mellow early 1970s singer-songwriter stuff today to help you ease your way gently into the working week. The sort of thing you associate more with Laurel Canyon than the Tees Valley. In this case you would be wrong though.

Lesley Duncan was born in Stockton-on-Tees in 1943 and sadly left us in 2010. In between times she made a string of pop singles in the 1960s, some grown-up albums in the 1970s, sang backing vocals for everyone from Dusty Springfield to Pink Floyd, and wrote a little song that was covered by the likes of David Bowie, Barry White and Dionne Warwick among others. Then at the end of the 1970s she packed it all in and moved to Mull.

Her debut album "Sing Children Sing" hit the shops in 1971 and in my view is a particularly fine example of the sound of the times. Take it away, Lesley.

"Sunshine (Send Them Away)" - Lesley Duncan

"Lullaby" - Lesley Duncan

Lesley's little song was "Love Song", and this is probably the best known version. I prefer hers.


  1. I've carried a torch for Lesley since hearing her album Earth Mother - loved the title track which was an NME or Melody Maker single of the week - in about 1972 and I've picked up on little details of her career from time to time since. There aren't many clips of her performing as a solo artist but those that there are show her as unpretentious and unshowy. That's my kinda girl. Agree with you that her rendering of Love Song edges Elt into the minor places.