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Friday 19 November 2021

Tip Top Tapper

We round out the week with the help of David Sinclair, better known to his friends and fans as Tapper Zukie. Here are a couple of tip top tracks from his 1978 album "Peace In The Ghetto".

"The City Of Mount Zion" - Tapper Zukie

"Tribute to Steve Biko" - Tapper Zukie

Somewhat unexpectedly it turns out that Belle & Sebastian are major Tapper Zukie fans, hence this tribute they wrote for him. Apologies for the typoin the title of the video. 

In the unlikely event that you don't share Belle & Sebastian's enthusiasm for Mr Zukie, perhaps you would prefer something featuring a different David Sinclair, the keyboard player in Caravan.


  1. I am thankful you declined to post anything by Judy Tzukie. Great Caravan track, great lyrics, even Charity Chic would like that song

    1. Don't involve me in your spats with CC. I'm trying to keep the peace after our Steve Hillage set-to

    2. Indeed. I remember that fawning message you posted at his place last week