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Monday 15 November 2021

Yé-Yésterday's Sounds Today

I am not sure the world is necessarily waiting for a yé-yé revival, but if there is going to be one it will be led by Lia Pamina. 

Lia is a Spanish singer who has been releasing records on the Elefant label for about five years now. That is the home of the likes of Camera Obscura, and you will be able to spot some stylistic similarities. Here are some representative examples from her charming oeuvre.

"Record Collection" - Lia Pamina

"Love Is Enough" - Lia Pamina

And here are some of the original yé-yé girls to brighten up your Monday morning even further.


  1. Every iTunes library worth its salt needs a smattering of yé-yé. Good post. Cheers