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Tuesday 28 December 2021

Today's Sounds Today (1)

Let's cut to the chase. We've got ten of my favourite tunes of 2021 for you - five today, five tomorrow - plus five videos each day from other folks I've enjoyed this year. Simple as that.

We'll kick things off with a track that was only officially released on Christmas Eve, although we surfers of the zeitgeist have been grooving to it for a while now. Take it away, Mr Oho.

"Doose Mam" - Alogte Oho & His Sounds of Joy (single)

"Yale St & 45" - Beth Lee (from "Waiting On You Tonight")

"Kalikandjari" Monsieur Doumani (from "Pissourin")

"Hardlytown" - Hiss Golden Messenger (from "Quietly Blowing It")

"Tihoussay Tenere" - Dag Tenere (from "Iswat")


  1. I inadvertently played the Natalie Jane Hill and the Shaking Chains videos at the same time. The outcome was not pleasing to my ears

    1. I am in awe of your commitment to experimentation

  2. All very good, but a special mention for Doose Mam and Tihoussay Tenere. Very, very good indeed!

  3. A fine selection of tunes, only one of which (Hiss Golden Messenger) I'm familiar with. I really enjoyed Alogte Oho, Dag Tenere and particularly Natalie Jane Hill, whose album I'm streaming on Bandcamp as I type.
    Happy new year!