Wednesday, 21 December 2022

He Wears The Crown

Some Lonnie Holley for you tomorrow, for no better reason than his surname is vaguely seasonal. One track each from "Just Before Music" (2012) and "Keeping A Record Of it" (2013). 

I was lucky enough to see Mr Holley live at the church down the end of my road a few years ago. I'm not sure how to describe his performance. Let's settle for "distinctive". 

"Here I Stand Knocking At Your Door" - Lonnie Holley

"From The Other Side Of The Pulpit" - Lonnie Holley

Very sorry to hear the sad news about Terry Hall, to whom others have already paid more eloquent tribute than I could. 

For much of the 1970s we lived in South Africa and I relied on John Peel's weekly show on the BBC World Service to keep up with the UK music scene. I can still remember the thrill I felt the first time I heard "Too Much Too Young" come fizzing through the static. RIP Mr Hall.

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