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Wednesday 7 December 2022

The One That Got Away

I'm back from my long weekend in Dusseldorf and surrounding areas. Very nice it was too, and a success on the music front. Thanks to the proprietors of Rainking Records in Dusseldorf and Far Out Records in Duisburg I managed to pick up this little lot for a mere €20 in total:

You will no doubt be hearing from some of them in the weeks to come, but today I don't want to talk about the records I bought but one that I didn't. Tucked away in the €2 vinyl box in the back room of Rainking I found this:

Being the fool that I am - and having been stung more than once before by records whose content doesn't match the great covers - I decided to pass on it. Suffice to say I am regretting that decision. 

Extensive research (i.e. Google) reveals that Framerowie were married couple Zofia and Zbigniew Frankiewicz, they hailed from Łódź and had a successful career during the 1960s and 1970s. This album - and I am not going to try to spell it - came out in 1972.

Unfortunately their career came to a sad ending. According to one of the darker Discogs entries I have read: 

"In 1980 Zofia decided she'd had enough of this life and decided to leave her husband and emigrate to her daughter, who lived in New York. She wanted to start a new life when she was 42 years old. Without luck and fell into poverty and depression. She begin sipping antidepressants and sleeping pills. The heart could not stand and died of a heart attack in 1983".

Let's remember them in happier times.

"Te Jesienne Rozstania" - Framerowie


  1. A good haul and the one that got away

  2. It's interesting isn't it, we've all been there, as CC says, a haul of records then that feeling that another one is one too much. Followed by regret.

  3. Unbelievable though it may seem, I used to have that Framerowie LP. I picked it up for pennies at a car-boot sale several years ago, probably because of the cover, which I recognised instantly on your post. It's long gone of course, but to make absolutely sure, I've rifled through every box in this flat over the past 20 minutes, just in case. Sorry Ernie.

    1. I can believe it. After all, you are renowned for your impeccable and wide-ranging taste.