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Saturday 31 December 2022

Sounds Of The Seventies

It's New Year's Eve, which for me and my friend Mr F means the annual themed party at our favourite local. This year's theme is the 1970s. I'm going as the three day week.

We have been trying to persuade the landlady to turn the back bar into a roller disco, but she is worried someone will bump into the fondue and cause boiling cheese injuries. 

To get me in the mood I've been listening to one of the classiest albums of 1976, "Silk Degrees". Ladies and gentlemen, Mr Boz Scaggs.

"Georgia" - Boz Scaggs

"It's Over" - Boz Scaggs

Have a good night whatever you're doing. May the year ahead be a good one and, especially for our Scottish readers, may your feet be first and your hogs be many. I think I've got that right.


  1. Ah, that made me laugh. Break out the Spangles and the spacehoppers!
    Happy New Year, Ernie, have fun tonight.

    1. Great minds! I actually went as a spacehopper. You can buy spacehopper T-shirts, to which I added some orange bike handle grips kept in place by a reconstructed coat hanger. I felt it worked well with my large belly. I'll spare you the photos.

  2. Happy New Year, Ernie, I hope you and Mr. F had great (themed) night out. I was tempted to follow suit (excuse the pun) and pay tribute to Dave Prowse, a legend from my birthplace, by dressing as the Green Cross Man.

    He proved far more successful at road safety messages than this guy:

    Looking forward to continuing my musical education with 27 Leggies in 2023!

    1. I once met Mr Prowse in a professional capacity many years ago. I was working as a security guard at an exhibition centre in London and he turned up as the Green Cross Code Man. I had to ask him to move his van which he had parked in front of a fire exit. Being a cocky young smartarse in those days I made some remark about how he of all people ought to be more safety aware. The look I got back was more Darth Vader than Green Cross Code Man.