Friday, 28 July 2023

Newness Abounds

Yes, it's the latest edition of our occasional series featuring the best of the many freebies that the lovely people in Promoland have sent me in recent months. From them to me to you, here we go.

You have probably heard of the first act, an up and coming beat combo called Dexys. I'm a long-term fan and had been planning to buy "The Feminine Divine", their new album which comes out today. The money saved will no doubt be frittered away on something else instead.

"The Feminine Divine" is Dexys' first album of new original material since 2012's "One Day I'm Going To Soar". Musically parts of it sound more like they did back in the very early days. Lyrics apart the opening sequence could be off a Chairmen Of The Board album. Which is a good thing.

We had some French rock here last Friday and we're trying again today. I know a number of our readers were underwhelmed by Téléphone, but perhaps they will warm to Les Lullies. Their album "Mauvaise Foi" came out in May and is available on Bandcamp

The band describe the album as "no-frills and fast-paced punk rock with a few power-pop jabs every here and there", and who is to say they are wrong. Normally I do no more than tap a toe or two, but I was jumping up and down until the people downstairs complained.

We go from an album in French to one in Sm'algyax, the language of the Ts’msyen Nation who can be found mostly in northern British Columbia and southern Alaska. The album is called "G̱al’üünx wil lu Holtga Liimi" and it is by Ts’msyen artist Saltwater Hank

Hank has released a number of records in English but on this occasion wanted to show the power of creating in Indigenous languages. He has made a very good case for doing so. The album came out earlier this month and is also on Bandcamp.

We are sticking with roots music for today's final selection, "Imaginary People" by Viv & Riley (Vivian Leva and Riley Calcagno to give them their full names). It is a very nice record and I love Viv's voice, which reminds me a bit of Laura Cantrell. The album does not come out until 15 September but you can pre-order it on Bandcamp and pick up their earlier albums as well while you are there. 

Speaking of Laura Cantrell, she has a great new album out called "Just Like A Rose" which I have not included here as it wasn't a freebie but which I heartily recommend. The same can be said for "Careful Of Your Keepers" by This Is The Kit, so I have added videos featuring tracks from each to whet your appetite.

"The One That Loves You" - Dexys

"Mauvaise Foi" - Les Lullies

"Ba'Wis" - Saltwater Hank

"The General" - Viv & Riley


  1. I'm hoping my copy of The Feminine Divine will arrive today - I ordered it months ago. Also enjoying the Laura Cantrell, but not got around to parting with money for it yet due to that economy thing. I hope all the 0.000001ps will add up eventually.

    1. I contributed to her fundraising effort to pay for producing the album a couple of years back, so I think that means the cost has been either amortised or written off in accounting terms. Got a digital advance copy about six months ago and a signed physical copy last month.

  2. A nice tour of my home city there with Laura.I missed the gig at St Luke's as I was away

  3. Very much liked the Viv & Riley track and I can see what you mean re similarity between her voice and LC's - will look out for their album. Saw Laura in Manchester recently and pretty sure she played Push The Swing toward the end. Recall of gig setlists has never been my strong point past the age of 22!!

    1. Sorry to hear you have been having memory problems over the last 12 months

  4. Thank you for publicising the new Laura Cantrell album, just played it and it has some outstanding songs. I have played a Viv and Riley album via bandcamp and it's now on the list. For some perverse reason I have also acquired Mirage by Camel - it will join the shelves close to Gnidrolog and Caravan.

  5. I will be getting the new Dexys, but the price on vinyl is $36. This madness has to stop. - Brian