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Wednesday 19 September 2012

Return of Mpharanyana

When I started this blog three and a half years ago I had two aims: to spread awareness of the sublime Tsonga Disco sounds I had recently discovered, and to do the same for the late Jacob Radebe, better known as the seventies Sesotho soul sensation Mpharanyana. In fact the only reason the subtitle at the top of the page does not read "Bringing Tsonga Disco and the Seventies Sesotho Soul Sensation Mpharanyana to the Masses" is because I couldn't fit it into the box on the standard Blogger template.

I have stuck with the Tsonga Disco, and during that period it has even become vaguely hip under its alternative name Shangaan Disco - not that I can take any of the credit for that, it was more to do with that Damon from Blur puting some out on his record label. But poor old Mpharanyana has rather fallen by the wayside. It has been over a year since I last posted anything by him. This is an appalling omission on my part, and one that should be put right straight away.

"Khotso" - Mpharanyana

"Ramasedi" - Mpharanyana

"Disco" - Mpharanyana

If you liked that - and if you didn't you are not the discerning music lover I take you for - then I will let you into a little secret. Contrary to my normal practice of removing downloads after a month or two, all the other Mpharanyana tracks I have posted are still available. But you have to promise not to tell.

There was a theory at one time that Mpharanyana modelled his distinctive coughing sound on the throat clearing sound of Bobby 'Blue' Bland. But apparently he just had a very persistent cough and his producer got fed up with having to keep re-recording things. There are no Mpharanyana clips out there in YouTubeLand, so here's Bobby instead. Watch out for the throat clearing at about 2:23.

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