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Monday 25 February 2013

More Swamp!

Last time out we treated you to a selection sung by Swamp Dogg. I mentioned then that he was an equally phenomenal writer and producer. Today's tracks are just a small part of the evidence that will back up that statement.

But before we get to them, I have a new favourite blog for you to check out. As a result of Saturday's post, I was contacted by Marie over at "It's All In The Grooves".  What a cracking site it is. You get an oldie a day, mostly from the 1940s to 1960s, with an emphasis on blues, country, R 'n B - all the good stuff. Once you've finished here, head over there and have a look.

"Rockin' Your Baby Now" - Eleanor Grant

"Please Open Up The Door" - Little Charles & The Sidewinders

"She Didn't Know (She Kept On Talking)" - Sandra Phillips

"She's All I Got" - Freddie North

"I Don't Care Anymore" - Doris Duke

"Call Me Nigger" - Raw Spitt

"She's All I Got" was co-written by Swamp Dogg and Gary U.S. Bonds. After a string of hits from 1960 to 1962, Gary didn't trouble the charts for nearly twenty years until Bruce Springsteen penned this comeback single especially for him in 1981. You must remind me to post his doo-wop version of "I Walk The Line" some time.


  1. Hi Ernie,

    How extraordinarily generous of you to promote my blog in this way!!! I'm so grateful for the link in your blogroll and the kind mention in your post (which made me blush terribly) - thank you!


  2. Ernie,

    I haven't heard any of these - top-notch tunes! My very favourite is 'Please Open Up the Door', but they'll all get repeat plays tonight.

    Wonderful to see Gary U.S. Bonds up there (20 years after his hits) so clearly enjoying himself, looking and sounding great.

    If you post 'I Walk the Line' sometime, I'll post the Five Pearls doing 'Your Cheatin' Heart.'


  3. You're on! And as far as your previous comment goes - it's an absolute pleasure. You've got some great stuff I've never heard before

  4. Ernie, I'm now a follower but Blogger refuses to use my current nom-de-plume, instead insisting on the older M. Songster.