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Saturday 2 February 2013

G,T & T

Here's a quick birthday tribute to Cher. Her birthday isn't actually until May, but I will probably have forgotten by then that I intended to do one.

Plus with the first track there is a bit of a treat for all the Elkie fans who I know read this column regularly, ready to leap into print at the slightest excuse. That's your girl, that is.

"Rock 'n Roll Gypsies" - Vinegar Joe

"Do Not Play With Gypsies" - Old Calf

"Tramps And Hawkers" - Dave Alvin

"Band Of Thieves" - Elyse

"Thieves In The Funkhouse" - Band Of Thieves


  1. When St Mirren travel to their local rivals Morton they are serenaded by the tannoy announcer with Gypsies, Tramps and Thieves!

  2. An outrageous slur on the good people of Paisley.

  3. I would have to concur having been born in Johnstone , a quaint garden suburb of Paisley