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Monday 7 July 2014

Goin' Back And Fourth

I know some of you out there like our intermitent "Single Song Sunday" series. We may have a corker for you this Sunday if I can get my excrement together, as I believe our American friends say. To keep you going until then, here is a mini-version which also doubles as a belated tribute to Gerry Goffin, who passed away a couple of weeks ago.

"Goin' Back" - Dusty Springfield

"Goin' Back" - The Byrds

"Goin' Back" - Nils Lofgren

"Goin' Back" - The Move

And look who else we found!


  1. One of my favourite songs. I find it hard to choose between the first three versions and I'd never heard The Move's version before. Not sure I'll play it too often, but nice to have. Thanks.

  2. Me too. If I was forced to choose I would go for the Byrds but then regret it immediately.