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Thursday 10 July 2014

Jambatani Time

Some overdue Tsonga disco for you, courtesy of our old friend Mr. Jambatani. Today's selection come from his 2010 album "Bomba Muchangana". If you want to know more about the album, and Mr J himself, best to look at this article that appeared in The Sowetan at the time.

Quite by chance Mr J highlights in the article the two tracks I had already decided to feature when I came across it. This is what he has to say about them:

"Songs to look forward to on this album include Bomba Muchangana, which encourages all Tsonga-speaking people to be proud of being Tsongas and not feel inferior and to promote their culture and ethics, and Lava Dlaka, a song that encourages everybody young and old to have dreams, because dreams can be achieved as long as somebody is focused."

"Bomba Muchangana" - Mr. Jambatani

"Lava Dlaka Leswiya" - Mr. Jambatani

This is for our pal Bram (aka DJ Leblanc), who is a great fan of Mr. Jambatani, and of living your dreams.

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  1. hi chris,
    it's been a while and i just stumbled upon this post, quite late, sorry. thanks for this and all the other good stuff you're posting. these 2 jambatani tracks were also featured on my 'best of jambatani'- selection i made in 2012. for the fans, enjoy it here:
    best, bram