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Sunday 13 July 2014

Single Song Sunday

I promised you a super Single Song Sunday and, with all due modesty, I think I've delivered. How can eight versions of the world's most wistful song, "We Had It All", be anything other than super?

I knew it first through the Dobie Gray version, which always reduces the Goggins sisters to tears as our father insists on announcing when it comes on that he wants it to be played at his funeral. I expect him to keep saying that for many years to come.

So we will start with Dobie, Donnie Fritts (who co-wrote the song with Troy Seals), and Waylon Jennings (who made the first recording of it in 1973). All sorts of big names have covered it since - the Stones, Dylan, Dolly Parton, Ray Charles, Rod Stewart, Tina Turner - but we don't have any of those. I think you'll like the ones we've got though.

"We Had It All" - Dobie Gray

"We Had It All" - Donnie Fritts

"We Had It All" - Waylon Jennings

"We Had It All" - Two Dollar Pistols (with Tift Merritt)

"We Had It All" - Green On Red

"We Had It All" - Maggie Bell

"We Had It All" - Owen Gray

"We Had It All" - The Rockingbirds

And here are a right pair of old reprobates singing it like they mean it.


  1. Excellent stuff Ernie. Donnie Fritts is a very underrated songwriter. Always good to hear the mighty Maggie Bell

  2. The Two Dollar Pistols version is very good. As is Dobie Gray's. Good stuff Ernie.