Friday, 11 May 2018

Every Night's A Friday Night

It's that time again. Tomorrow night, live from Lisbon - Eurovision!!! I imagine George will be making his way up there as we speak to join in the fun.

Our old pal Mister F has been warming us up with a fine selection of vintage Eurovision highlights (and a few lowlights too). This is my own humble contribution.

We start with what is probably my favourite Eurovision performance of all time, and one that was directly responsible for one of the best holidays I have ever had. Having been blown away by Zdob Si Zdub in 2005, I went to Moldova the next year and got blown away over and over again.

I made it home in time for the 2007 Eurovision, which featured this unjustly forgotten piece of glam stomp from Sweden. We then fast forward to 2011 to join Anastasiya Vinnikova. I can't unfortunately remember where she is from, but you can probably Google it.

"Boonika Bate Doba" - Zdob Si Zdub

"The Worrying Kind" - The Ark

"I Love Belarus" - Anastasiya Vinnikova

Come on, everybody, and sing along. Feel the power of a song.


  1. Having watched some of the scenes from Belém yesterday afternoon a part of me was wishing I was there.