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Monday 14 May 2018

The Thin Man

Apparently there were at least four different musicians who called themselves Guitar Slim at various points, roughly one for every touring version of The Drifters. But this is the "real" one.

Born Eddie Jones in Greenwood, Mississippi in 1926, he was noted for his wild performances - according to Wikipedia, "he had an assistant who followed him around the audience with up to 350 feet of cord between his guitar and amplifier, and occasionally took his guitar outside the club, bringing traffic to a stop". He was also one of the pioneers of what would become the rock 'n roll guitar style.

Sadly the demon drink got to him and he died aged only 32, but not before he made some cracking records.

"Guitar Slim" - Guitar Slim

"It Hurts To Love Someone" - Guitar Slim

Also hailing from Greenwood, Mississippi - Ms. Betty Everett.


  1. Absolutely toptastic tracks from Mr and Mrs
    Slim´s child, Guitar. Did they name another child Memphis?