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Sunday 20 May 2018

Irie Stew

At a loose end last night following the cancellation of The Last Poets' album launch - see the previous post - Mr F and I wandered off in search of an evening's entertainment.

We eventually ended up in the Misty Moon in Bethnal Green Road, which used to be a Wetherspoons until they offloaded it as it was damaging the brand. There we were treated to an enjoyable set by Irie White, who had a No. 16 hit in Germany back in the mid 1990s and is still going strong.

Mr White isn't a direct substitute for The Last Poets. Those people who admire them for their savage attacks on political and social injustice may perhaps not feel the same about someone whose repertoire includes such tunes as "Rumpy Pumpy", "Double D" and "Bum Like A Plum" (I didn't make that one up). But he went down a storm in the Misty Moon.

Here is Irie with one of the undoubted highlights of his set, and I've bunged a few more Iries in for ballast.

"Rumpy Pumpy" - Irie White

"General A General" - Tonto Irie

"It's Good To Have The Feeling You're The Best" - Tippa Irie

"Obeah Man" - Welton Irie

"Hot Bubblers" - Sweetie Irie


  1. A pub that is damaging the Wetherspoon’s brand sounds like one worth frequenting

    1. But possibly only if the faucet has started leaking in the bathroom and the arm's fallen off your favourite chair again