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Wednesday 9 May 2018


A special treat for you today - Donald Duck. No, not that one, but Eugene 'Donald Duck' Mthethwa (unless he was the one you were thinking of in which case yes, that one).

Eugene is a member of the pioneering kwaito group Trompies, occasional solo artist and - slightly awkwardly in the circumstances - Anti-Piracy Chairman of the Association of Independent Record Companies of South Africa. Both tracks come from his 2006 album, "The 4th Man: Who's Wrong? Who's Right?".

"Ibambe Ekasi (Feat. Ihashi Elimhlophe & Makhosonke Zuma)" - Donald Duck

"Isencane Lengane" - Donald Duck

So we come to the YouTube clip. Dance music? Comedy duck? He can't, can he? I'm afraid he can.


  1. First track absolutely splendid, a joyous sound. The sparrows and swallows are tweeting away too, the overall effect only spoiled by two dogs barking (at nothing)

  2. It is a bit of a cracker, isn't it? I put it down to the influence of Ihashi Elimhlophe