Wednesday, 6 March 2019

A Surfeit Of Johnnies

There are a lot of Johnnies out there. So many, in fact, that they have had to start teaming up together because they've run out of people with other names to partner. I wonder why poor John felt he had to shorten his name? Probably forced into it by some record company suit.

CC - apologies if I have inadvertantly complicated things for your Double J post next week. 

"Lonely Island Pearl" - Johnnie & Jack

"Over The Mountain, Across The Sea" - Johnnie & Joe

"Bumper To Bumper" - Johnny & John


  1. Re. Johnnie and Jack, did you know that Jack was killed on his way to Patsy Cline's funeral? This was later on in the same day that he had already attended the services of the other plane crash victims Hawkshaw Hawkins, Cowboy Copas andRandy Hughes

    1. I didn't. But I did know that Johnnie was married to Kitty Wells for something like 70 years

  2. No worries Ernie
    Plenty of JJ's to choose from