Saturday, 9 March 2019

Tuareg Time

As regular readers will know, we like a bit of the old Desert Blues round here. For those of you looking out for the new Tinariwen or Tamikrest or Terakaft, look no further. I'm delighted to report there's a new gang in town.

That gang is Timasniwen, they are from Niger, and they consist of members of an extended family who have been playing together since childhood. Their first album, Tikmawen, came out about six months ago. You can get it on Bandcamp for as little as €7. I did; you should.

Apparently Timasniwen means "the transhumance to the North" in the Tamasheq language (roughly, migrating to northern pastures with your livestock). To my English ears, like other Tuareg bands, it sounds like something you would get at the chemist with a prescription. Which has a logic of sorts to it, as if you need a bit of a pick-me-up they are just what the doctor ordered.

"Kal Timasniwen" - Timasniwen

"Akalwanla" - Timasniwen


  1. Cheers Ernie
    I like a little bit of Desert Blues

  2. My pleasure. Thank you for making such an excellent record. I hope in a small way this helps more people to find out about it.

  3. Surely yes. Thanks again! Just one question: did you really get to buy the album? We have not received any message from bandcamp ...

  4. I bought my copy on eMusic. In my post I gave your Bandcamp link instead because you need to have a subscription to buy a minimum number of tracks on eMusic every month, which is not good if someone only wants to get one specific record.

  5. Thank you very much Ernie Goggins !! In case of purchase, we receive a direct message from bandcamp, but for the other music platforms we have to wait next month. It's perfect that you bought at eMusic! Again, thank you very much!