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Monday 23 May 2022

An Absence Of Abyssinians

Last night I was meant to be seeing the mighty Abyssinians in concert at the Jazz Cafe in Camden, but on Saturday morning we got the news that the concert has been postponed for what is now the fourth time. 

The previous postponements were all lockdown related but on this occasion it was because the UK government failed to process their visas in time. This is evidently happening a lot to artists from the Caribbean and Africa at the moment, to the extent that you suspect that it is not just down to good old-fashioned incompetence.

Anyway, as a consolation for me and a treat for you, here are the lads in action.

"Declaration Of Rights" - The Abyssinians

"Praise Him/ Dub" - The Abyssinians


  1. It's unfortunate they've having so many issues being able to perform live for the audiences where you are. I just found this through your link on the Hype Machine. It's quite a nice find. Thank you for it! May they be able to do their thing for you out there soon, as you've been waiting so patiently!

    1. Thanks Lesley, I am sure they will be worth the wait when they do finally make it over. It must be incredibly frustrating for the band though.

  2. Another good reason to hate this government.As if we needed one.