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Monday 2 May 2022

The Ghosts Of My Life

I have a couple of upcoming albums I was sent by the nice people in Promoland that I want to alert you to, but in a reversal of the usual format I'm doing it through the videos. The mp3s are strictly padding. 

The first of the new albums is by Ghostkeeper, new to me although they have been making records for over ten years now. They are from Alberta and according to the press release theirs is a sound that "traverses a wide spectrum of influences, including African psychedelia, traditional Metis music, 70’s freak-folk traditions, and proto-punk guitar based bands like Television".  

I don't really know what any of that means but I like the record. It is called "Multidimensional Culture", its out on 27 May and is available for pre-order on Bandcamp.

Next up is Ghost Woman (you may spot a theme developing). Their self-titled debut album does not come out until 1 July but again it can be preordered on Bandcamp. There is a bit of a Byrds/ Jefferson Airplane vibe to this one that I like a lot. They kick off a European tour tonight in Amsterdam - you can find all the dates on Songkick

Both the videos features songs that are on their respective albums. As for the mp3s, well we have some crazed Japanese psychsters and some old hippies from Birmingham for you. Enjoy.

"Water Door Yellow Gate" - Ghost

"Hearts And Flowers" - The Ghost

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