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Monday 30 May 2022

Gone For A Burton

One of my favourite albums of 2020 was "I Can Go With You" by Sam Burton. I plugged it at the time it came out and am doing so again now because I have been listening to it quite a bit recently. It seems to suit my current mood.

"I Can Go With You" came out on the esteemed Tompkins Square label and you can pick up a digital copy from their Bandcamp site. 

The Tompkins Square blurb says that Sam's sound recalls Roy Orbison, which is correct, but for me some of the arrangements are also slightly reminiscent of Nick Drake and there is a touch of John Denver on some of his vocals. Don't let that last reference put you off.  

If you look carefully while you are on Bandcamp you can also find some of Sam's earlier self-produced recordings on the Chthonic Records site. This one is probably the pick of the bunch, but as they are all name your own price why not snap up the others as well?

"I Can Go With You" - Sam Burton

"I Am No Moon" - Sam Burton

There are a couple of videos out there in YouTubeland as well, although I strongly suspect that this is not the same Sam Burton...


  1. I liked the songs and will check out his Bandcamp page.

    Sam Burton (audio) reminds me of a slightly more uplifted Red House Painters. Although, just imagine if Mark Kozelek had got Sam Burton (video) in on a couple of records; he'd been reaching a whole new demographic!

  2. This is really good stuff and a new name to me. Your descriptors are spot on, though I'd also add that on first hearing 'I Can Go With You' has something of Fred Neil's 'The Dolphins' about it. I'm off to check out more. Thanks for the intro.

  3. Swede - Thanks for putting me out of my misery. I had been trying to place what "I Can Go With You" reminds me off and it is definitely "Dolphins".

    Khayem - I have only heard a few Red House Painters tracks but I will explore further. And I think getting the Second Sam involved would enhance almost all musical experiences.