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Wednesday 30 November 2022

Gosh And Golly

You can thank/blame (delete as applicable) Rol of My Top Ten fame for this one. 

Yesterday he posted about his top ten bands called The Spinners. In the course of the post he mentioned Latvian trip hop. Now, any phrase that combines a nationality and unlikely musical genre provokes a Pavlovian response in me. So I went off and ate a meringue-based dessert.

One for our Antipodean readers there.

After that I had a look at the Bandcamp site Rol had provided a link to. It has loads of Latvian recordings from the 1990s by an ensemble called Yaputhma Sound System and assorted side projects. 

My eyes were immediately drawn to the album by the sensibly named Gosh & The Brand New Hedgehogs. Here is a track from them, and I've thrown in another gosh for good measure.

"(Silly song about) My Sharona [interpolated]" - Gosh & The Brand New Hedgehogs

"Oh Gosh" - Donovan


  1. There's a hedgehog living under a woodpile at the farm.- We feed it dried cat food.

  2. Brilliant! Why is that, reading this and listening to Gosh & the Brand New Hedgehogs, I feel as if I've inadvertently stumbled into somebody's wonderfully bizarre dream?

    1. Perhaps you have. Every now and then I feel that living in somebody's wonderfully bizarre dream would be preferable to what passes for real life these days.