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Saturday 19 November 2022

Single Song Saturday

Before anyone points out it is meant to be Single Song Sunday, this is something different. Rather than a collection of covers of one song, this is just a single cover version. It does, however, qualify as a Mandatory Reggae Version.

A couple of weeks ago Sir Khayem of Dubhed featured Morgan Fisher in one of his customarily excellent mixes and commented that Morgan had "carved a varied and individual musical path". That is somewhat of an understatement, as this slightly out of date biography illustrates.  

Today's selection is not particularly representative of Mr Fisher's work, but then probably nothing is. It comes from an album of covers that he released in 1979 called "Hybrid Kids - A Collection of Classic Mutants" on which each track was attributed to an imaginary act.

I was never brave or foolish enough to buy the album but I did snap up the accompanying single. One side featured "McArthur Park" in the style of Madness under the nom de plume The Burtons; on the other was this masterpiece/ monstrosity (delete according to taste). 

One can only speculate as to why he thought Adge Cutler meets King Tubby was the way to go.   

"Wuthering Heights" - Jah Wurzel


  1. I got as far as one minute?
    Is this a record?

    1. In another show of pathetic one upmanship, I listened to it all. At least he did not post any bloody wurzel nonsense

    2. I can confirm it is a record, I have just checked in my rack of 7" singles.

  2. Thank you, Ernie...I think. I've only heard one other (I hesitate the use the word) song from the "Hybrid Kids" album, his singular take on Rod Stewart's D'ya Think I'm Sexy? I actually like it and have used it on various compilations over the years.

    I don't think the same can be said of Jah Wurzel. Sounds like my Dad at Christmas after he'd had one too many lager shandies.

    1. I like the sound of your Dad. Has he made any records?