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Wednesday 9 November 2022

Unlimited Company

The time has come for us all to shake off these earthly shackles and live a life without limits.

Well I say that now. I doubt I'll say it when I go on my annual unwanted work trip to Dubai at the weekend as they probably lock you up for that sort of thing over there. 

But, at least until my plane takes off on Sunday, let us enjoy life to the full with these other Unlimited people.

"Daytime Nighttime" - Joy Unlimited

"Let's Change The Subject" - Satisfaction Unlimited

"Africa We Are Going Home" - Time Unlimited

"Chauya Chirizevha" - Thomas Mapfumo & Blacks Unlimited


  1. For some reason my laptop would not allow me to comment on your previous post: two very very good tracks, that sent me off to Bandcamp.
    I saw Thomas Mapfumo perform once, many years ago of course: what a presence he had on stage

    1. Me too, would have been back in the late 80s or early 90s probably. A fantastic performer.

    2. You must share this stopping George commenting feature!

  2. Love Unlimited? They'll lock you up and throw away the key in Dubai for that sort of behaviour.