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Wednesday 18 January 2023

A Big Bash For Barış

I got my first gig of the year under my belt last week. Billed as "The Psychedelic World of Barış Manço", it was a boisterous tribute to the late Anatolian rock legend and multiple 'Moustache Of The Year' winner. This has been an annual event in recent years, pandemics permitting, but this year's edition also marked what would have been the Great Man's 80th birthday earlier this month.  

Not just that, but way back in 1975 Barış released a concept album - they were de rigueur at the time - called "2023". I don't speak Turkish so I don't know what the particular concept was, but I imagine the lyrics are full of references to jetpacks and robot butlers. Either that or it is a vision of a dystopian future that has turned out to be spookily accurate.

We present for your pleasure and delight the title track of the concept album - apologies for the slightly wonky sound quality - and a couple of  Barış's big bangers.

"2023" - Barış Manço

"Hal Hal" - Barış Manço

"Binboga'nın Kızı" - Barış Manço



  1. Listening to the first track I was not hopeful for the next 3. The 2nd was an improvement, track 3 a keeper (as CC would say) and the video was absolutely tremendous!

  2. And this

    is £3.50. three pounds fifty pence!