Monday, 9 January 2023

Holes In The Oz-zone

Last week Khayem over at Dubhed featured one side of an Australian compilation cassette containing allegedly psychedelic sounds. This was what prompted me to get down from the shelves for the first time in many years a compilation of Australian psychedelic pop from the late 1960s.

The compilation is called "Peculiar Hole In The Sky" and it came out in 2002 on the Big Beat label (an Ace Records offshoot I believe). I have no idea whether it is still available, but I suspect not.  

Today we have for you the title track by The Valentines together with a little something from Cam-Pact. The lead singers of both bands went on to bigger things. The Valentines were fronted by one Bon Scott, while Cam-Pact's Keith Glass became the first manager of The Birthday Party - not the easiest job in the world one suspects - and released their early records on his Missing Link label.

"Peculiar Hole In The Sky" - The Valentines

"Drawing Room" - Cam-Pact

"Peculiar Hole In The Sky" was written by famed songwriting duo Harry Vanda and George Young when they were in The Easybeats. George was the big brother of Malcolm and Angus with whom Bon Scott teamed up a few years later. Here are a few of Harry and George's hits.


  1. Those tartan-trimmed half-mast breeks were never a good look

  2. Definitely more psych than my Oz comp for sure. I haven't seen that clip of The Easybeats before, great stuff. Good to see the Flash & The Pan video again too, though I'm with George on the BCR couture.