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Friday 29 April 2022

Whitney K-Mart

Those of you who read Uncut may have seen the short article about Whitney K in the latest edition. A track from his new record "Hard To Be A God" is also included on the cover CD.

If that piqued your interest in Mr K then you will want to know that, in an act of astonishing generosity, he is currently making his entire back catalogue up to and including last year's "Two Years" album available on Bandcamp for a mere 11 Canadian dollars. Yes, that's "11 (eleven)", as they put it on the football results when an unfeasibly large number of goals have been scored.

The back catalogue comprises three studio/ home recorded albums, one live album and assorted mini-albums and singles. Its not all gold by any means, but there is enough of the glittery stuff to make this a big old bargain. I have snapped it up, and here to prove it is a track each from "Mixtape" (2015) and "When The Party's Over" (2017).

"Some Fella" - Whitney K

"The Weekend" - Whitney K

To round things off for the week (and the month) here's another Whitney and another Mr K. We'll dedicate the first video to Mrs K (no relation) who had a special day yesterday and whose young man included another version of the same song in a mixtape of his own for her. 


  1. I thank you, sir, for your kind words and link, 'twas a good day yesterday.

    Any day's good for Josef K.

    I haven't seen the latest Uncut, so thanks for the spotlight on Whitney K (& Whitney Rose), made today very good also.

    Best wishes to you and yours for a great bank holiday weekend!

    1. And to you too. May the sun shine on you and the rest of the righteous