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Friday 1 April 2022

A Bit Of Africa In Antwerp

Next up from the bargain bins of Belgium is "The King Is Among Us", the 2003 album by Belgian Afrobeat Association.

Apart from the limited information on the CD itself I have been able to find out very little about them. They are/were based in Antwerp, there are/were over 20 of them plus a guest piccolo player, and this appears to be the only album of which the Internet is aware. It's not bad, if a bit jazzy at times, and I imagine they are/were a decent live act.

"Babalu Aye" -  Belgian Afrobeat Association

"Afroporn" -  Belgian Afrobeat Association

Also based in Belgium are the predominantly Tuareg group Kel Assouf. I was lucky enough to see them live six years ago while on a work trip to Brussels and they were excellent. So here's something from that very gig to take you into the weekend.