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Monday 4 April 2022

Mighty Diamonds RIP

We lost two members of the Mighty Diamonds last week. Lead singer Donald 'Tabby' Shaw was killed in a drive-by shooting on Tuesday, and then on Friday Fitzroy 'Bunny' Simpson lost a long battle with diabetes. This leaves Lloyd 'Judge' Ferguson as the only surviving member, and all of a sudden one of the great vocal trios is reduced down to one. 

My introduction to the Mighty Diamonds was their sublime version of The Stylistics' "Country Living", which remains one of my all time favourite summer sounds. Here it is with a couple of other tracks that are sadly all too appropriate. RIP Mr Shaw. RIP Mr Simpson.

"Country Living" - Mighty Diamonds

"Why Me Black Brother Why?" - Mighty Diamonds

"Babylon Is Dangerous" - Mighty Diamonds

Inexplicably there are virtually no clips of Mighty Diamonds on YouTube, but I did manage to find this live set from 2018.

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  1. I've been AWOL for a bit and this is very sad news to come back to.