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Monday 18 April 2022

And The Winner Is...

On Friday I set you a little quiz, asking you to identify the link between Red Lorry Yellow Lorry and Clint Eastwood's "I Talk To The Trees". The correct answer was "Paint Your Wagon", as it is the name of both the film in which Clint sings and the Lorries' second album.   

The stalwart George was the only person to enter the quiz and he didn't know the answer, but he went to the effort of finding a couple of other fairly tortuous links so he's getting the prize anyway. The prize is getting a post dedicated to him, and this is it.

When I contacted George to tell him the good news I took the liberty of asking whether he would be willing to grace these pages with one of his distinctive guest posts. I'm delighted to say he has agreed to do so just as soon as the burdensome task of goat herding allows. Its a tough and sometimes lonely life.

By extraordinary coincidence, today music selections start with a tale of a man called George and his goat. The second song title is the English equivalent of Duque das Cabras, which is how the awestruck Portuguese villagers refer to our George, while the video tells the absolutely true story of how he met his other half.

"My Little Goat And Me" - George Formby

"Goatlord" - Goat  


  1. I couldn't fault the accuracy of the puppet (hair colour, big ears, clothes) but our goats don't have horns

    1. Apologies for any factual inaccuracies in the video