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Monday 11 April 2022

With Love From Łódź

What better way to start the week that with a funky 1970s Polish radio orchestra. That's a rhetorical question, so don't bother writing in asking for something else because you won't get it.

A couple of years ago some bright spark decided to have a rummage around in the Polish Radio archives in Łódź, where they rediscovered the forgotten works of Henryk Debich and the Orkiestra Polskiego Radia i TV w Łodzi. Wowed by what they heard they have started to share it with a grateful world.

The series of reissues started with "City 1978", a compilation of Henryk and the gang's recordings from that year. Some are proper funky, others are more in the smooth style of Barry White - what you might perhaps call the Łódź Unlimited Orchestra. Here are a couple from their funkier side.

"Z Pustego w Próżne" - Henryk Debich & Orkiestra Polskiego Radia i TV w Łodzi

"Obsydian" - Henryk Debich & Orkiestra Polskiego Radia i TV w Łodzi

On the subject of Barry White and Love Unlimited Orchestra...  

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